Monday, March 1, 2010

Indiana Road Trip

This weekend, Chris and I headed out to spend time with some of my family at their home in Carmel, IN. My cousins, Grace and Chad, we're in our wedding and we miss them so much! We had an amazing weekend that included good food, good wine, the Olympics, bowling, and turning our family into the mafia. :) Here are some pics from our family bowling tournament...

Chris and Chad:
Aunt Pam, Uncle Joe, and Chad:
Chris, Grace, and Me:
This pic about sums up the relationship between Grace and Uncle Joe:
Chad had kicked my butt in any game we play, starting back in the day when he was two and loved Rugrat Uno. Well, this weekend, I got revenge. I beat him in bowling. Here's the proof:
While Chris and I were gone, Skittles (our puppy), got to be spoiled at my parents for the weekend.

Here she is recovering:
And fast forward a few hours later when I told her that her "daddy" would be home soon:
And this is where she will remain until she sees Chris' car pull into the driveway. Too cute.

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  1. OMG Skittles under the covers is the cutest pic ever!