Saturday, February 28, 2009

Get Excited!

I know Chris and I are. So much has been happening lately and it's all falling into place. (Hence my complete lack of posting.)

For those of you who don't know we decided we didn't have enough to do planning our wedding and decided to completely gut the kitchen at Chris' and start from scratch. (Pictures of why it needed to be gutted coming soon.) We went to our friendly neighborhood Lowes and picked out new cabinets and countertops and with the help of our new BF Perry, designed a kitchen where every item in it has a purpose. We couldn't believe it!

Perry told us our items would arrive in 3-4 weeks so we began searching for a remodeling company to do drywall, finishing, lay tile, electrical work, and plumbing. Who knew this could be the hardest part? Too many bids later we finally signed with Briddell Remodeling: Ron has been great to work with so far and we can't wait to see what he does.

We also received some very much appreciated help from our good friends with our appliances. They will never know how grateful we are! We promised them dinner from our brand new kitchen ASAP.

Yesterday Chris got an exciting phone call. Our cabinets are in! They will be delivered on Wednesday. Chris has recruited some of his friends to come in and help with the removal of the existing cabinets this weekend so that Briddell and his team can come in and start Monday or Tuesday. We went to Lowes last night and purchased our hardware for the cabinets, tile, sink, faucet, and lights. We are so excited and cannot wait for these next few weeks to pass so we actually have a functioning kitchen.

Lots of pictures to follow!